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Our Toddler Community (18 mo.–3 years) and Children’s House (2.5–6 years) programs are designed to meet your child’s special developmental needs in their crucial early years. At each level, children build independence, curiosity, and a love of learning. Find out what makes our Boise Montessori school programs so special!

Toddler Community

Montessori Classroom

The Toddler Community (18 mo. – 3 years) connects young children with the environment they need to build the important early skills. Toddlers have a deep desire to become more independent, and to expand their social capabilities. Their grasp of language and understanding of the world is rapidly expanding during these months. We provide a nurturing, home-like space for this learning, filled with the activities of daily living that toddlers find so fascinating.

Children's House

Montessori Classroom Student

In the Children’s House (2.5 – 6 years) learning is sensory, exploratory, and rooted in meaningful experiences. Our trained guides inspire children to discover life’s wonders for themselves. The hands-on curriculum gives children the tools to delve wherever their curiosity takes them. Children develop into class leaders over the course of their three-year cycle, emerging from their preschool years as competent, capable, self-directed learners.


Lakewood Montessori's art-enriched environments set the stage for your child to blossom into a creative, curious, critical thinker.


Lakewood's holistic garden curriculum provides your child with opportunities to explore the natural world and their place in it.


Montessori education follows a child's natural development with the aim of fulfilling a vital mission: to inspire a life-long love of learning.

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