A Joyful Childhood

At Lakewood Montessori providing a rich environment for young children to explore, create, and learn… is our passion. We practice an authentic Montessori school curriculum with strong connections to creative expression and nature. These are the building blocks for the childhood of your dreams!


We offer two kinds of Montessori preschool programs in Boise: Toddler Community and Children’s House. These preschool programs are designed to meet your child’s special developmental needs in their crucial early years while also providing the right environment for them to thrive in. Give your child a joyful childhood through a unique preschool experience and find out what makes our programs so special!


Lakewood Montessori's art-enriched environments set the stage for your child to blossom into a creative, curious, critical thinker.


Lakewood's holistic garden curriculum provides your child with opportunities to explore the natural world and their place in it.


Montessori school education follows a child's natural development with the aim of fulfilling a vital mission: to inspire a life-long love of learning.

Our School

For over fifteen years, Lakewood Montessori has nurtured the growth of young children in our Boise community. Our accredited preschool Montessori programs are built to engage your child’s curiosity and enthusiasm for exploring the world around them.


Montessori Classroom

Toddler Community

Our beautiful, home-like toddler environments (18 months–3 years) feed a young child's growing need for independence, exploration, and socialization.

Montessori Classroom Student

Children's House

Specially designed with development in mind (2.5–6 years), these holistic educational environments nurture a child's physical, cognitive, social, and emotional growth.

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