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Lakewood Montessori’s Toddler Community program is specially designed for the unique needs of children in the first three years of life. Toddlers (18 mo. – 3 years) are absorbent learners who build their understanding through interacting with and observing the world around them.
To give them all they need to grow, we provide environments that are rich with experiences as well as knowledgeable, nurturing teachers to guide them. Learning is rooted in the routines of daily living: caring for the plants and animals in the class, practicing hygiene and toilet learning, and tidying and cleaning the space around them. Each child is a significant, contributing member of their class community.

Class Environment

Our classrooms are warm, welcoming, and home-like, where everything from the furniture to the silverware is the perfect size for small children to use independently. Each class has an attached outdoor classroom, and children spend their days indoors and out. They are surrounded by natural materials that are lovely and inviting.

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Toddlers are striving for independence. Whether it's pouring their own glass, putting their own clothes into the hamper, or putting on their own boots, we support the things they love to do for themselves!

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Motor Development

Toddlers have a lot of growing to do! The materials and equipment in the toddler environments support large motor development (climbing, running, balancing) and small motor development (grasping, pinching, using tools).

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Language Development

Children explode into language in their first three years, so we provide a language-rich environment. Teachers use full sentences and precise vocabulary. Songs, poems, and finger plays can be heard throughout the day.


The mixed age toddler classroom has children in a range of social development: they learn from and with each other. Teachers model important social lessons, like sharing and expressing feelings with words.

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Other Programs

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Children's House

Specially designed with development in mind (2.5–6 years), these holistic educational environments nurture a child’s physical, cognitive, social, and emotional growth.

The Lakewood Difference


Arts Education is not an “extra” at Lakewood Montessori. Rather, it is seen as an important part of the curriculum. Formal art instruction, music and movement are included in tuition.


Each of our classrooms has a lovely outdoor yard attached to it. The outdoor spaces are natural playgrounds with sandboxes, chalk boards, wooden blocks, areas for climbing, and gardens.


The term "Montessori" refers to Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian doctor who discovered the learning potential of young children around 100 years ago. The method is still in use today.